Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've Got The Horse Right Here -----

I am not sure that is the correct title for that song, but it comes from THE STING, and it is a cleverly constructed parody of a better. If you are not familiar with The Sting I highly recommend it. The story line - you might want to watch it twice - is a race track sting, a little complicated, but very entertaining. The music - I never tire of it so sometimes I put the video in and never look at the screen. The movie stars Redford and Newman in equally important roles. But what brings this song to mind?

Well, my grandson is working at the local race track this summer. I never thought he would get hired because he is very young, but apparently as soon as a kid is old enough to step behind the betting line, he is also old enough to sell tickets.I might add, I was not delighted he got the job, although in today's economy I was pleased he was able to get work, and after all, it is only a summer job.

Anyway, back to the connection: The track gave him one jersey with the track logo on it. Now "track people" are not usually heavy drinkers - you can't get sloshed and make sensible bets - but a lot of them are chain smokers. There is an area where smokers can watch the races, but they have to come to the windows to bet, so the reek of smoke permeates the grandstand. As my grandson was pulling his 'uniform shirt' over his head the other day he commented that it smelled - of " smoke and broken dreams."
My fears that he will become a compulsive gambler after his summer at the track have been allayed. I don't know what "broken dreams" smell like, but I am sure it is not pleasant. And I loved the observation.

Another great piece from The Sting is "Easy Winners." It is a catchy tune, not difficult once you feel the rhythm. It is in Hal Leonard Book EZ-310. I am sure I have seen "I Got A Horse Right Here" somewhere, also, but do not find it listed in the Hal Leonard catalog.

This past week two of my organ friends put wheels on the organ at the Maine Veterans' HOme. Now I will be able to roll it from wing to wing (there are four of them) and share my music with more residents. THey also put wheel on the bench, and Brian commented that he hoped I would not have an accident with it. He envisioned me rolling accidentally across the room, I guess. I am not worried about that, but I do hope it doesn't roll away from me as I start to sit. The very thought of me sitting on the floor in front of the organ while the residents sit patiently by waiting for music is not amusing.

If you are an organ owner, are you exploring the buttons? You should be. Today a few of us experimented with lock system on the Holiday Classic which has only two lock features: temp and accompaniment. We discovered by adjusting the mixer to suit us and then locking both buttons, we locked everything except upper right manual. The accomp button will lock the drums which is a big plus in my book. I have a Prestige so I use the lock buttons a lot, but there are four lock buttons on that organ. You can also lock in the various adjustments by setting them where you want and then pressing both up and down buttons at the same time.

Remember when you are just playing for yourself, experiment with the buttons. You own them and you can't hurt the organ no matter how many times you change sounds. Today Brian wanted a better guitar than he could hear on the Holiday Classic Easy 4/4. By putting #2 registration on, and pressing the Latin button, a really great guitar came up. And #1 Latin has a great trumpet.

Trivia from the TOP 500 COUNTDOWN (Hamilton Ontario CKOC)

What song was #188? a. Little Darlin'
"I don't know if we're in a garden, b. In The Still of the Night
Or on a crowded avenue. c. I Only Have Eyes For You d. The Great Pretender
You are here and so am I,
Maybe millions of people go by,
But they all disappear from view ..."

Music affects every part of your brain -

Keep the music playing.


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