Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

We Gather Together to Ask The Lord's Blessing ~

Sing praises to His Name; He forgets not HIs own.

In my old hymnal it is listed as a Folk Song from the Netherlands.   Perhaps the early Dutch immigrants sang it on THEIR first Thanksgiving in this country.  It is one of the most popular Christian songs for this season.  But not the only one -

...raise the song of harvest-time; all is safely gathered in, Ere theWinter storms begin, God, our Maker, doth provide.
And there is another one: SING TO THE LORD OF HARVEST
"....sing songs of love and praise; with joyful heart and voices, Your hallelujahs raise."

Clearly these early hymns of Thanksgiving were inspired by the bountiful harvests and safe keeping of seamen and those who came to America via ships.   

"...our exiled fathers crossed the sea; and when they trod the wintry strand, with prayer and psalm they worshipped Thee."

I wonder as I randomly compose this not very well thought out blog, if today's immigrants are composing psalms and verse of their thankfulness for having made it to this country, by sea or land,  which  gives them the chances make a new life - with GOD'S BLESSING.

Thanksgiving is an American Celebration.   Have a happy one and say a .little prayer of thanks for your blessings, and another for the less fortunate to be provided for BENEATH GOD'S GUIDING HAND.