Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Wikipedia says there is no universal definition of a HEATWAVE, but that it is generally considered one if there are several consecutive days of excessive heat and humidity.

I GOOGLED "HEATWAVE, the music" and came up with Irving Berlin's song by that title. I thought there was another newer song by that title with a lot of drum breaks and twangy guitars, but that never came up, so I think this is the one and only. Irving Berlin said:
"We're having a heat wave, a tropical heatwave.
The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising
She certainly can can-can.
She started a heatwave, by letting her seat wave
In such a way that The customers say that
She certainly can can-can.

See, her anatomy - Makes the mercury
Jump to 93.

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave.
The way that she moves
The thermometer proves
That she certainly can can-can."

Irving Berlin certainly had a way with words and apparently a sense of humor.
But in this heat - don't wave your seat around too much. Pour yourself a nice tall ice tea and sit where it's cool with your CD player and a good book, your knitting , or a crossword puzzle. That is a perfect prescription for staying cool, stimulating your mind - music does wonderful things for the brain - and relaxing.

If you own a newer and larger Lowrey organ, you may have an instrument called Django. Do you know anything about it? Skip the next few lines if you do. If you don't ---read on:

Django Reinhard was one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He had only two fingers on his left hand. He was a European Gypsy, married very young to a girl who made paper flowers and decorations. At age 18, coming into their trailer after an evening of playing guitar, he knocked over a candle into her supplied and the trailer went up in flames. He was pulled to safety, but was burned over much of his body. He lost his fingers in that conflagration, as well as the use of one leg. The doctors wanted to amputate that limb but he refused. After a period of recovery his brother, also a guitarist gave him a new guitar and he proceeded to rehabilitate himself. He struggled but succeeded in becoming an outstanding guitarist with that special sound that you will find on the newer high end Lowrey Organs. I don't care much for it, but then I am not a guitarist.

Whether you strum a guitar, play a keyboard, or play a reed or brass instrument, keep a song in your heart and keep the music playing.


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