Monday, July 14, 2014

Psychic Songwriter, Alex Tanous

I'm going a little off course with this one. Please remember, I am only using information available to me, I don't create the story from my rather limited imagination.   SO ----  It is July 10 and I am sitting at my computer ------

Alexander Tanous was born in Van Buren, Maine in 1926.  His birth was predicted by Kahil Gibran, who told his father, "You will have a son, a man of exceptional gifts, of great abilities - but also of great sorrows."
Alex was "born with a veil, the mystic cross and a five pointed star on his left hand, the traditional markings of a psychic."   

By the age of 18 months he was displaying unusual talents, and by the age of nine he predicted the death of a wealthy family family friend.
At age 13 he warned a friend not to go around or across the rail road tracks, but the boy was crossing the tracks a short time later and was killed by a train.   (Now, I have to say here, these are possibilities in the ordinary events of mankind.  Nothing here  that gives me shivers.)

By 1960 Alex was fully aware of his unusual senses and submitted himself to The American Society of Psychical for testing.   The results were amazingly positive that he had psychic powers with tests which had probability odds  of 3000:1.  The odds that his test scores could be coincidence were 99.9% against.   

Alex Tanous joined the U. S. Army (and wrote a song called MEN OF THE TEN THIRTEENTH A.S.U.  .  (He had taught himself piano.)  He completed his education at Boston Collegein 1960; his MA in Sacred Sciences and his PHD at Fordham.  He got an M.S. Ed. in Counseling at University of Maine in 1973.  Received a Doctor of Divinity from theCollege of Metaphysics in Indiana in 1965.  He taught Theology at both Manhattan College and St.John's Univ. in New York.And eventually taught classes in Pyschic Phenomena at the University of Southern Maine.  His career included teaching at McGill University in Canada, and Pennsylvania, and  applied his talents in the diagnoses and treatment of psychiatry disorders  disorders.

His powers of astro-projection, faith healing, teleportation, projecting his thoughts onto a screen,  solidifying light and communicating with ghosts are documented by the American Society of Psychical research.  

Alex assisted police in finding the killer of an eight year old boy in Portland by drawing a sketch resembling the man who was convicted.

SO - this is the man who wrote the song which I mentioned above, and also wrote a wedding song for Eddie Fisher and Debbi Reynolds called
BLESS THESE TWO, OH LORD,  and a nostalgia piece,   LET ME BE A BOY AGAIN, .

NOW  the only eerie thing about this for me is that I had no real intention of doing this  piece about Dr. Tanous today.  In fact, I had started a different blog entirely but put it aside and got out Dr. Tanous folder to see if it was worth a blog.   I did not know the date of his death until after I had put the rest of the information together and then realized I did not know when he died.   

It was July 10, 1990 at age 63.  

Was Alex Tanous communicating with me and prompting me to write about him on the anniversary of his death?   Oh, Lord, I hope not.

Respectfully written for entertainment only -

janice major
Scarborugh, Maine

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