Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where Is Love?

From the musical "Oliver", the song "Where Is Love?" asks "...does it fall from above it underneath the willow tree....?" Of course, that is a love song, which goes on to ask if there will ever be a love just for him/her. That kind of love is limited between two people.
But WHERE IS LOVE? Surely it doesn't fall from the sky or found beneath a tree, but it is everywhere that music is heard. Whether you play for yourself, for one other person, or for an audience of many you cannot help but feel the love music generates. When someone says "I love that song", - there is love. If an aging man asks for "Daddy's Little Girl" he is experiencing his love for his child over again, and you cannot help, as you play it to sense the feeling. Songs of romance - "My Romance", "I Love How You Love Me", "If I Loved You" are a pleasure to listen to and a joy to play. And then there are "fun" songs of love: "Love Makes the World Go 'Round", "Sparrow In The Tree Top", "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?". "Side By Side" are favorites at senior facilities because of their easy-to-sing lyrics. I cannot imagine singing these songs and not feeling a sense of love. I cannot imagine playing them and not experiencing the love they generate.

WHERE IS LOVE? It's wherever music is being played, being listened to , being sung. Music and Love go hand in hand so --

Keep music and love in your heart and keep the music playing.


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